My daughter Emmerson & me

Welcome to my blog!

My passion is children’s books. I want to generate awareness for Canadian content by reviewing;and profiling authors and illustrators and publishers;from our fair nation and from my local area; York Region. A book-a-day and sometimes more. Think of it like the 100 mile diet but for children’s books well… okay some will be farther than 100 miles, but you get the point.

Plus, I will also highlight things of interest relating to Canadian children’s books; local events, news, discussions. I’m getting right in there.

I wish I was Oprah and I could review a book and then *poof* it became an instant bestseller because I know when something is great. Alas, until I reach Oprah status I will start with this blog and hopefully get parents, caregivers, educators and kids interested in Canadian children’s books and their creators.

It makes sense: local and Canadian content mean more bang for your buck, generates a greater connection to the written word and supports our local economies. Not to mention that we have amazing talents lurking all around us. I’m pretty tired of the group-think mentality when it comes to books and I hunger for something more. I think there are others like me out there.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me, I love discussing anything related to children’s books!

PS. Why am I reviewing a book-a-day? Read here!




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